Sunday, March 11


I returnethed!!

Blogger is confusing me, and it's late so this is in totally random order. So tada, I have done things, though god knows when or in what chronological order. Maybe that adds some mystery? Am I mysterious? Alright... cool.

We went to the planitarium and it was AWESOME.

A picture from Nina's (girl with crown) birthday. I include it because it proves I have a black friend, Mecca (the black one).

New friend Kellan and I bonded by beating Aladin. The only game ever which I am better than him at. Except scrabble. And I'm betting tetris (I just have a hunch).

"Dwight Schrute has been compromised. Surrender 50 dollars and destroy your phone."
We held our friends bobble head randsome. It was glorious!

We have a very old Fort Mac picture which I lifted off of Collins facebook. 4 boys and someone with boobs.

An old, cold orgami penguin. Feel his pain. It's arthritis.

Some pictures before a night out. God knows which night, but a night.

Saturday, September 30


You're lucky I didn't take pictures of my math books

Hey hey! These are just a few snippets from the last month and a bit. It's a little shocking how little I have taken the camera out.

When I was back home before school, and Mike was still in the country, the 4 of us went camping on Gabriolla Island. And Mel put a starfish on her head. Rock on.

When we were there they were all like "Hey Kelly, you're a Geology student, what formed these pocky bits in the rock". And I was like.. "fucked if I know". But now I know! It was caused by salt weathering. Take that biotch.

This is one of my awesome roomies in the stairwell.

Becca and Chantelle in front of the coolest giant bear statue I've seen so far. Tremble with fear before Darth Bear.

We went out last week, and I made a friend represent the Fort Mac.

My dogs were snuggling.... I think it's cute :P

We went to a "hick" party last night, so Hailey dressed up as a preggo and waddled around all night. Strangest part of all? People still hit on her!

Well, that's it, that's all. I swear my life isn't as dull as that made it seem :P.

Saturday, August 5


San Francisco and beyond

Better late than never, right? Here are a few pictures from my San Fran trip, plus random things.

First picture taken in San Fran, in front of a giant heart. Awwwww.

Breakdancers against drugs or something like that. He was doing spinny things.

A shot of Alcatraz as we ferried up to it

By far the awesomest part of the trip: The ZOO!!!

We went to watch the World Cup finals in little Italy and it was crazy. We were stuck on the opposite side of the road from the TV, and there was a larger reaction when a bus drove by than when France scored.

Tada! The one, the only, Dadaist toilet. Because it's not just germ infested porceline... it's art.

Back from San Fran, this is Alex and I being lame. It takes a lot of effort for us to be lame, because it is such a stretch from our natural state. That state being coolness obviously.

We went down to Calgary for the stampede and saw MC HAMMER. This picture is crap, but just know it is a crap picture of MC HAMMER and be satisfied.

We also went down to Edmonton a few weekends back, and I went to see Ani Difranco. But I didn't get pictures of that. What I did get pictures of is us at the science center. Rock on.

And that concludes my Fort Mac pictures! Back to the west coast for me :)

Sunday, June 25


A month (in 7 pictures)

Woot for never taking the bloody camera out! Here are the pictures I have managed to take.

Here we have Alex. What you don't see is the look of horror on Chris' face when he walked into the washroom and saw his rugby buddy taking a BUBBLE BATH. Mmm.. effeminate.

Rugby boys wearing spandex at the waterpark bar (West Ed Mall).

Rugby boys wearing spandex and hugging.

Now to last weekend and the co-op pub crawl. We were way to cool to socialize with the masses, so we did our own pub crawl.

Mike totally forgot picking Rachel up. But she remembered.. and she will get her revenge.

Red Vs White biotches! (Also, incidentally, boys vs girls).

We're too cool for school.

Sunday, April 23


halfway point

So I figured it was about time to put up some new pictures. Show you how I've grown and matured... and show you the kegger we had last Friday.

This is from about a month ago. Alex and I deepfried some marsbars to great, delicious success.. Mmmm... I want some now.

Now we jump up a few weeks to a BBQ which was held at the other student housing complex. This is Dan. He is snazzy and wearing my shoe, which can only add to the snazziness of it all.

Bill and Liz you've been introduced to before. This is Bills drunk face.. Notice the squinty, unevenly opened eyes. They are a trademark.

Me looking pretty confused in Bernies arms.

Now we make it to the Kegger! I'm not really sure what the rules are behind boat races, but they don't look like much fun to do. Fun to watch, but not fun to do.

This is the group of people who were to wimpy to go outside and brave the cold on Friday night. I don't judge though; I was one of them.

Ech, a bit of a lazy update, but hey... I'm lazy! And besides, I'm doing this from work so I feel just a titch bad.

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